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Course program


The course begins with an information session during the morning. If possible, it is advisable to arrive well before this. You may also arrive on the previous evening, but please contact the campus about this.

Photo  Arto Wikla



Daily program

The participants will make their own schedule based on the lessons and ensemble sessions. The lessons start at nine o'clock in the morning, right after the breakfast, and go on until noon (lunch). The lessons continue after one o'clock and usually end at half past seven. The afternoon tea break will be between half past three and four.

There may be lessons after that, as well, and ensembles may rehearse late in the evening. The keyboard players should be prepared to practise their own pieces also later in the evening, as the number of harpsichords is limited.

Concerts and performances

Different lunch and coffee concerts form an important part of the course atmosphere. Especially later in the week the meals are served with beautiful music. The vivid social life often results in nocturnal singing, playing, or even dance performances.

The course will reach its climax in the the final concert which is organized in the concert hall of the campus. The concert is a public concert, open for everyone. If you want to invite your friends, please do so!


In case music fails to keep you occupied all day, you might want to have a walk or a jog around. You may also find very nice swimming possibilities in the neighbourhood of the course location. Please ask for directions from the course organizers.

There will be free socializing during the evenings. Especially during the last one or two evenings it is not rare to see the sun rise before the last flames of the campfire go down. And, goes without saying, there will be a big party in the last evening.