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Baroque orchestra Amore Barocco









Inspired by the yearning to play after every summer in the old music course arranged by the CMAH org, we established the Amore Barocco orchestra.  Many of us felt that one week in the summer is not enough! We also wanted to play together in the winter, especially baroque music. So we set up the orchestra in autumn 2014 for the love of music, playing together and baroque music.

The players in our orchestra are different types of music enthusiasts and professionals. The Orchestra includes violins, violas, lutes, recorders, baroque oboes, cellos, cembalo, bass. Some of the players have period instruments, and some have modern. Amore Barocco's tuning is 415 Hz.

The orchestra practices in Sunday evenings in Oulunkylä. We are happy to give more information. Contact us! 

Want to join us? 

The best thing is when you have a change to play with other people, and specially with more skilled players. It doesn't matter if you are beginner or advanced hobbyist or professional, this rule holds. If you are interested, look for more information from  here.

Come and listen to us! 

We have a couple of concerts each year and we play in occasional events. You can find information of our performances from the concert calendar (sorry, only in the Finnish pages) 

Order us to play!

If you want to have Baroque music in you event, order us  or  contact us.


  • ViuluVei. Our member Anna-Mari Ablouh gives  lessons in violing playing.  

  •  FiBo Collegium.   Amore Barocco buys tuition from Fibo Collegium. We participate their events whenever possible.

  •  Amore ClassicoAmore Classico is a Baroque orchestra for senior players. The members are both beginners and advanced players.


Some of the players of Amore Barocco will participate in the performances of the Beggar Opera. See more information about showtimes at the link
The beggar's opera